Our Values

At Sunset Soaps we believe in creating more than just fun, gorgeous products for the bath, body and shower. We believe in making a difference in the world with the choices we make thats why you will find our products to always be handmade with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Blog Posts

Making Coffee Soap with 10 ingredients:

If you’re just like me and love coffee, this coffee soap recipe is for you. It’s made with an amazing blend of plant based oils and even coffee, w...

Cactus Flower Candle

The candle is made in a two-part process. First, we make the cactus flower pieces in the 4 Cavity Succulent Silicone Mold. Then poke a hole through each embed using a picnic skewer and lastly the wick is threaded through.

At the Bien Vegano Farmers Market

We were back at the Bien Vegano Farmers Market this past June 13th from at Second Self Brewery. We tested our new products at the farmers market and I was so impress by the 

Making Watermelon Soap

Let's finish the summer with a refreshing new soap. This is our new  🍉 🧼. Made with 🥑, Castor, 🥥, 🥭 butter, 🌴 and olive oils and scented with a ref...