Lavender and Epsom Salt Bath Bomb

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Made with Lavender oil, mango butter, this lavender 🛀 💣 is a triple-threat of sleepy awesomeness. The lavender oil infuse your water with a soothing floral scent, while the epsom salt helps alleviate sore muscles, so our mind & body can rest easy before going to sleep bed obviously 😅


Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Extra Fine Epsom Salt
Borage Oil
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
Dried Lavender

Care Instructions

Store in a dry place. If the bath bombs are in a humid environment they may start the fizzing reaction.


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Why we love this!

We use baking soda in a wide variety of our products because of its many benefits. In our bubble bars and bath bombs, it helps to soften the water and leaves skin soothed and clean.

We combine citric acid with sodium bicarbonate to form the basis of our amazing bath bombs. When added to the water, this mix creates carbon dioxide and causes bubbling and fizzing action.

Epsom salt refreshes and relieves sore muscles, making it a perfect addition to our bath bombs!

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