Luxury Lip Balm 3 pack - Vanilla


Our new and ultra-nourishing natural Lip Balm packs a punch of pure goodness.

This Vanilla Luxury Lip Balm elevate an essential product through its powerfully high-performance natural ingredients. Free of petroleum, parabens and added chemicals, it raises the bar and exceeds our need for everyday lip care, providing long-lasting nourishing protection.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, we blended Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter with Vanilla scent to moisturize, condition, and protect your lips. With a softened vanilla scent and a beautiful package, now you can treat your lips to a touch of luxury.



Coconut Oil
Cocoa Butter
Vanilla scent

Care Instructions

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Why we love this!

Beeswax gives a rich, emollient quality to creams and is very effective and deeply moisturizing for dry skin. We use it across our ranges to create a protective barrier, while also moisturizing the skin.

Cocoa butter is a stable and dry butter, making it ideal for use in our lip balms. Cocoa butter works with the other natural ingredients in this lip balm making it supple and smooth. We use it for its moisturizing and conditioning properties.

We use coconut oil to in this lip balm to moisturize, and to soothe dry skin and to add a touch of the tropical with its fragrance.

Why Sunset Soaps?

Is good for you. Our soaps are made with natural, plant based ingredients.
Handmade locally. Made by hand with love in Atlanta, GA.
Good for the planet. Responsible sourcing of raw materials and ingredients.