Omg we just made our first soap labels 😱😱😱 - Sunset Soap Co.

What an interesting week this has been. We started with a goal to create a label template for all our soap bars. Little did I know making labels is more challenging than it seems. Here are some of the resources I used to figure all this out!

I started searching on Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas of what other people were doing. I saw a lot of cool looking soap labels but I couldn’t find information on what to write in them. Then I decided to look into the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild (HSCG) and to my surprise they have a really good section on you guessed it how to make a soap label. In summary heres what you need to add to a soap label.

There are only 4 items that are absolutely required on every cosmetic label, and one item that is frequently (but not always) needed:

  1. Identity of the product (what it is)
  2. Net contents
  3. Business name and address
  4. Ingredient declaration
  5. Directions for safe use (when needed).

Whether you have a graphic designer creating your labels or you make them yourself, when you create a new label, it’s easy to check that all the required components are on the label. Being sure your label is compliant before you invest in printing and packaging can save you money, time and headaches in the long run.



Here are some images of our newest labels. Leave us a comment if this information was useful or not 😊. Have you struggle or are you struggling making labels for your products? Share your experience in the comments below. Have you signed up to our mailing list yet? Be the first to find out about our new products and offers. 

Written by Angel Reyes

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